Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spiritual Master for Clarity

When you are in trouble you want to know how you can get out of this. If you know many ways to get out of the mess, you want to know which one is better. Even when you are happy you have too many questions to answer like what should you do with life?

Question pops up all the time. I have taken arduous path of seeking answer to some of the basic questions. I found a guru who has answer for all my questions. I had a chance to meet Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda when he was in US. Since then I have read his articles, books and listened to his discourses.

The best thing about Swamiji is that he talks in layman's language. He addresses very common problems faced by human beings and gives solution. You can check out this YouTube video playlists to get a glimpse of Swamiji's discourses.

These are some of the questions answered by Swamiji:

  • How do we make sense of the incidents happening in the World?
  • What is the purpose of human kind?
  • How much we should give to charity?
  • Which God should we choose for praying?
  • Why so many people are getting sick?
  • How to be fearless?
  • How does our mind work? How can we use it to rejuvenate our body?
  • How to live spontaneously?
  • Can you get attached to enlightenment?

...and much more.

There are lot of reading materials in his two websites: Dhyanapeetam and Nithyananda.